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iMarvel Cubes


A  stunning site specific image display solution for innovative indoor and outdoor advertising and presentation


Rent this fascinating image cube on a plinth for corpaorate events, weddings, anniversaries, christenings


A beautiful personal photo cube on a small electric turntable with your favourite photographs in your lounge


A fabulous promotional gift, a very special wedding favour or simply a lovely personal keepsake 

Hand crafted in perfection and fascinating:

iMarvel cube displays for all applications

The Cube Story

Oliver Hein is an artist and designer based in Munich, Germany and Brighton, UK.

The story of the cube began 2009 with a public art commission in Cambridge. The idea was to create a sculpture that displayed images and videos with kaleidscopic visual effects. In his experiments he discovered the fascinating world that unfolds when light passes through glass, a stunning maze of reflections, colours and mirror effects.

The result was a puzzling glass cube with switching images and ever changing appearances, depending from where you look.  The cube with its intriguing effects was patented and  turned into a business idea.

Everything has a place inside the cube: art, design, photography, information, advertising, branding – it even makes a great toy. You can now buy a small cube and fill it with your own photo memories, hire the PixCcube for your corporate event or commission a big LightCube as a stunning eye-catcher for your company premises.

Stack the cube with your story and watch everyone marvel!

Follow Oliver on Instagram: #oliverhein_artist

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This is a special limited edition to celebrate the completion of the first large scale LightCube, a public art sculpture for a new Kindergarten in Munich, Germany.

This cube come with a set of specially designed colour panels by artist Kiki Stickl.