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The iMarvel story

‏The story of the glass cubes began with a public art commission in Cambridge. It was about people, places, faces – a kaleidoscopic task, no start, no end – just boundless facets of life around this town: landscapes, glimpses, traces, spaces.

Marvelling at all the insights I wondered how I could pack these impressions into a sculpture, to store them and share them with others. In my vision the sculpture would consist ideally of nothing but images, clearly visible – no screens – inside an empty transparent space. Experimenting with all sorts of glass shapes I discovered the fascinating world that unfolds when light passes through glass: a stunning maze of reflections, colours and mirror effects.

‏The result is this puzzling glass cube with all its strange behaviour, a square-shaped crystal ball with images hovering and switching somewhere inside – depending on how and from where you look, it discloses its secrets. Curious eyes wanted to see ever more and unexpected things started happening. Carrying me from art into uncharted territory, the empty cube grew to become a business idea. Everything has a place here: art, design, information, technology, innovation, advertising, branding, marketing – the whole business world. You can now hire the cube for your corporate event or as an eye-catcher for your company foyer and fill it with your own story, your insights, your products – and watch everybody marvel!

‏Oliver Hein