interactive cube displays

Want to engage your audience with a fun factor?

Looking for ideas for new interactive displays?

Thinking about inspiring alternatives to TV screens?

MarvelCube display in a foyer

Surprise your customers with a stunning promotional feature!

Entertain your guests with a little magic!

Advertise with a fun factor!


iMarvel is a new and patented display system with a visual twist:

4 sizes cover all your advertising needs:



A  stunning site specific image display solution for innovative indoor and outdoor advertising



Rent this fascinating image cube on a plinth for corpaorate events, weddings, anniversaries

PixCube photo cube with family photos



A beautiful personal photo cube on a small electric turntable with your favourite photographs



Coming soon: a fabulous promotional or personal gift,  wedding favour or keepsake

Our patented display cubes use a very simple and effective visual twist to engage your audience:

Depending from where you look, you see different images switching and blending inside the cube, making you turn your head and move around the cube to grasp what is going on. Our interactive cube displays are a fun and entertaining way to get your messages across, while keeping your clients and guests curious with a little challenge to their perception.


A fascinating new advertising feature you can now build a whole new branding concept around:

match your new promotional gifts to a big cube display in your company foyer or

your photo cube on the reception desk to the giant LightCube outside.

Give your company a consistent visual appearance with this stunning new feature!


Our display solutions cover all settings: from large outdoor show pieces to small wedding favours, from corporate event furniture to personal photo cubes for your office or home. Our interactive cube displays are fantastic eye catchers!

FunCube. PixCube. MarvelCube. LightCube.


Send us the images you would like to display, we will design a compelling cube story for you!

The story of the cubes


Oliver Hein is an artist and designer based in Munich, Germany and Brighton, UK.

The story began 2009 with a public art commission in Cambridge. The idea was to create a sculpture that displayed images and videos with kaleidoscopic visual effects. In his experiments he discovered the fascinating world that unfolds when light passes through glass, a stunning maze of reflections, colours and mirror effects.

The result was a puzzling glass cube with switching images and ever changing appearances, depending from where you look.  The cube with its intriguing effects was granted a patent and turned into a business idea.

Everything has a place inside the cube: art, design, photography, information, advertising, branding – it even makes a great toy. You can now buy a small cube and fill it with your own photo memories, hire the big stand alone PixCcube for your corporate event or commission a giant LightCube as a stunning eye-catcher for your company premises. Stack the cube with your story and watch everyone marvel!

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