The story of the cubes

Oliver Hein is an artist and designer based in Brighton, UK and Munich, Germany.

The story began 2009 with a public art commission in Cambridge. The idea was to create a sculpture that displayed images and videos with kaleidoscopic visual effects. In his experiments he discovered the fascinating world that unfolds when light passes through glass, a stunning maze of reflections, colours and mirror effects.

The result was a puzzling glass cube with switching images and ever changing appearances, depending from where you look.  The cube with its intriguing effects was granted a patent and turned into a business: Oliver founded the iMarvel LTD as a registered company based on a whole range of promotional, advertising and gift ideas and covering everything from keyring size to large scale outdoor installations.

Everything has a place inside the cube: art, design, photography, information, advertising, branding – it even makes a great toy. You can now buy a small cube and fill it with your own photo memories, hire the big stand alone MarvelCube for your corporate event or commission a giant LightCube as a stunning eye-catcher for your company premises:

stack the cube with your story and watch everyone marvel!

To get in touch and order your cube please contact +44 7767 836 553 or complete this form

iMarvel LTD is a registered company and trade mark
company number 13231804
trade mark number 017416801
Registered office address:  105 Waldegrave Rd,
East Sussex
BN1 6GJ