LightCube is a public light sculpture commissioned by the city council of Munich, Germany. It was installed in 2019 for a new city kindergarten  and sponsored by the company Cremer Oleo, Hamburg who generously helped me to realise this  ambitious project technically and logistically.

 In size exactly one cubic meter and following the same principle of switching and blending images through our patented display system, this cube was designed with three ideas in mind :

1. It is a fascinating light sculpture with varying appearances, depending on natural lighting by the sun with streaks of light reflected onto the surrounding pavement and brightly illuminated in the evenings or in cloudy weather.

2. A fun object for the kids, running around the cube and discovering ever changing colour blends, depending from where they look.

3. A public show case for the kid’s art work: my commission included a series of drawing workshops I would give for the kids. These workshops have not yet taken place due to the current the restrictions. Once these times brighten up again and people can meet, we will get together and produce line drawings with black makers on thin transparent perspex sheets, the size of the colour panels. These drawings will be inserted directly in front of the colour panels inside the cube, so that the colours act as a background for the drawings: colours and drawings will appear and disappear simultaneously as viewers walk around the cube. Annually changing exhibitions will give the house and their little inhabitants inspiration and identity. It is already is a magnet for all passers by, with kids running around it and enjoying the fun.

So the LightCube will hopefully soon become a public display of the children’s art outside the kindergarten. However, the current intermediate state displaying the colour panels specially designed by artist Kiki Stickl is a lovely experience in itself: a beautifully composed sequence of 16 colours harmonically flowing into each other.

The LightCube  was created in the context of a public art brief and is not yet completed due to the current restrictions. The idea, however, to use colours, logos, photographs, texts or drawings in the same way and make them intriguingly change can also be applied to any advertising or presentation project.  Please get in touch: we have loads of experience and ideas for stunning light sculptures with fascinating visual effects for companies, museums, airports or shopping malls and see other examples at

Some technical details

The LightCube measures exactly 1m x 1m x 1m and has the same qualities of changing colours and images  as the smaller versions MarvelCube and PixCube. The colour panels inside are equipped with an LED lighting system that illuminates the cube in a completely smooth and homogenous flow, using special acrylic backlighting panels. The light comes on automatically as soon as a light sensor reacts to dawn or dusk, clouds or sun. The LightCube is completely maintenance free, the posters and panels inside the cube can easily be accessed and exchanged by opening the lid with a screwdriver, flipping the LED rails off and pulling the poster panels out.

An exciting alternative to printed media is the option to turn the LightCube into a digital presentation cube by using thin LDC screens to display your images instead of prints and a small computer hidden within. The image contents can be updated by a remote server via a Wifi connection. This opens up the possibility to present motion graphics, video and live feeds. The holographic effect of our patented technology in combination with an electronic LCD display makes the LightCube an exciting new solution for digital advertising.