A unique centerpiece

A beautiful piece of design

Advertise with a fun factor

A magical experience

Enhance your space

Tired of looking at screens?

Fancy a new interactive display that’s not digital?

Want to get your product and services messages across in a truly magical and fun way?


a stunning display feature for your event

MarvelCube is a fascinating show piece for your company foyer, trade fair stand,

corporate event or your wedding!

MarvelCube is a wonderful ice breaker!

Spark conversations, keep your guests curious and happy! 


corporate event

waiting  area


Fascinating light cubes with switching images


Create sustained interest in your products and services


Open up the creative potential for your advertising


Give your company that creative buzz

MarvelCube is a fascinating centrepiece in your venue your guests cant resist exploring. People walk around this intriguing beacon and start a conversation about you, your team, your company, your products: the most important goal of any corporate event. It gives your event a centre and a focal point that naturally invites people to engage, have fun: a fabulous icebreaker!

MarvelCube is a brand new advertising solution for shopping malls, airports, railway stations. Other than the usual info screens with their two sided display, MarvelCube works as an illuminated 360° advertising feature. It’s characteristically blending images work in all directions, attracting everyone’s curiosity and attention as they pass by.

Depending on the architecture, MarvelCube can be designed in two versions: as a stand alone advertising feature displaying LED illuminated print media, or alternatively as a column with colourful info and advertising, spanning the entire space from floor to ceiling. Images and ads are uploaded to an integrated computer with LCD screens via WIFI from a remote server, providing best flexibility and up to date information.

How it works

MarvelCube is a flexible solution for entertainment, presentation and advertising,  specially designed for corporate events, trade fair stands, weddings, anniversaries. Create a coherent venue design with a combination of PixCubes for tables, bar counters or mantle pieces and a MarvelCube as the centre piece of your event. 

Send us the images you want to show, we will design a compelling story, print the pics onto backlit sheet and insert them into images slots inside the cube. Special light transmitting perspex panels distribute the LED light evenly across the whole stretch of your images, making them clearly visible in a 360° panorama view while switching and blending as people move around: quite an experience for your guests!  


The image cube measures 42 cm x 42 cm, it is mounted onto a plinth made of black MDF and supported by an integrated steel structure, bringing the cube to eye height. An automatic illumination system powered by a strong 12 V battery is hidden inside the plinth, together with a battery charger and a programmable lighting switch. The battery powers the integrated LED system inside the cube for approximately 20 hours on full output, making the MarvelCube a flexible and independent and cable free presentation stand. A truly intriguing light beacon in your venue your guests will love!


MarvelCube is a flexible display system for indoor venues: it comes in a padded flight case on wheels and is mounted onto a strong aluminium platform in a few minutes. Hassle free  on time delivery at your venue, anytime collection.        




Hire this amazing piece for your event!

• Anytime delivery to your venue

• Hassle-free setup, ready to go

• Anytime collection