the magic display


Thinking about a new display feature for your company?

Looking for a personal gift for a friend or your parents?

Something more exciting than those simple photo cubes?

PixCube is a beautiful eye catcher in all settings:   

– Present your products, logos and team photos on the reception desk! 

– Display family photographs in your lounge or on your office desk!




PixCube is a new photo cube with a stunning visual effect.

Initially designed and invented for a public art commission in Munich, Germany, the first version of the PixCube was a limited art edition.

Now it is entering the market as a full blown creative product.

PixCube is a little gem:

A PixCube on your reception counter or on a conference table is a playful way to introduce your company to your customers, colleagues, clients

Present your staff, your products, logos inside a fascinating photo cube that your clients can play with!

Entertain your clients with a magic desktop toy, watch them turning the cube back and forth while they explore your images. 

Turn the PixCube into a revolving slide show with the optional electric turntable and give your reception a playful atmosphere!   


A decorative eye catcher for your corporate event, wedding or anniversary

An intriguing eye catcher for any point of sale arrangement 

A beautiful photo cube in your home. Set it up in your lounge, full of your family memories, hobby photos

Display your favourite football team with you in their midst

Your guests will love it!


PixCube photoCube with flowers as decoration

Two ways to get your personal PixCube:


1. Send us your images, we will design your photo story and send you the PixCube ready to set up.

2. Do it yourself: You can easily create your own photo cube. Follow our guidance, print and crop up to 16 of your favourite photographs and insert them into the cube. Place the PixCube at eye height on a book shelf as a lovely show piece!

Optionally you can order a small electric turntable watch the cube display in magically blending images as it turns its rounds.

A lovely display feature in your company and a  great way to entertain your clients!

A beautiful photo display in your home

A great family DIY activity!

create your own photo cube: our DIY set for your family fun session
PixCube photo cube items: turntable, LED lamp, velvet bag

PixCube is a creative project

The PixCube is the ideal size for your home display. With its way of changing its appearance depending on one’s viewing angle, the Pixcube is an invitation to play and experiment with light, colours and images. Start your own art project and show your picture story inside this little photo cube.

Combine personal photographs, poems, drawings and see what happens. Select your favourite images in your phone, print them out, use the included stencil to cut the right formats, take the top off and insert them into your cube. Watch them switch and blend as your PixCube slowly revolves on its turn table.

You can update the cube anytime with new photos, drawings, poems: just open the lid and insert new pics. Experiment with monochrome colour panels and set them against photographs, try simple patterns or text and see what the line drawings or create your personal time line!


PixCube adds to the atmosphere in your home. Bring a twinkle into a corner with this little gem, create a focal point in in your lounge! The included LED light illuminates the cube, creating a little splash of colour and movement. Your PixCube will breathe life and inspiration into your home

You can create your own family album inside this new photo cube: set it up at eye height on a book shelf or a cabinet. PixCube is a fabulous gift for a friend, your partner or your child: imagine being part of your favourite sports team insode the cube, just place your own portrait between your sports heroes! Use the PixCube as a memory cube with photographs of your holiday, display a collection of your loved ones on your office desk or set it up as a portrait carousel of your masters for your meditation. There`s no end to the places a PixCube can inhabit and enhance.

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