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a beautiful promotional gift


 Fancy a new promotional gift for your clients?

Bored with all the usual stuff like branded ball pens or USB sticks?

Looking for something lasting that your customers will really appreciate?


 …something they might go on to show colleagues and friends?

FunCube speaks its own language!


Promote your company and your products in a truly fascinating way!

Surprise your colleagues, friends or guests with a real novelty:

a promotional gift no one has ever seen before!

Our small pocket size version of the cube measures 6 cm x 6 cm. It is small enough to fit any handbag and is a beautiful companion in many settings:

A very special wedding favour for your guests,

A wonderful gift at anniversaries, birthdays, christenings, funerals

A birthday present with fun images for your kids

A souvenir or personal keepsake, full of memories.

An innovative promotional gift that really stands out.


FunCube can be customised according to your wishes with various material and colour options for the casings, logos and engravings – and of course stacked with your personal images.

FunCube will be available from May 2021, production is currently under way. Watch out for our crowdfunding campaign starting 1 May on Kickstarter and back the project! 



To preorder your FunCube please 

1. Send us your photos and texts you would like to display inside your cube

2. Choose from various colours and materials like plastic, bamboo or aluminium

3. Send us your logo for the casing

4. We will design your story for the cubes and deliver them fitted with your photographs packaged in a little branded velvet bag, all ready to hand out.

Prices vary between £ 13 and £ 19 per cube, including design work and print, depending on materials and order quantities.